The Interior Design certificate last a total of 48 weeks half of which includes placement in practice. The Graphic Design Diploma lasts a total of 48 weeks and this also includes a placement in practice element.
You will only need to attend the studio once a week for 3 hours for the first 24 weeks. For the second half of each course you will spend a full day working with our designers and experiencing the vibrancy of working in a live studio.
You will get a Diploma in Graphic design or a certificate in Interior Design.
We offer a flexible payment plan which allows payment in agreed monthly instalments depending on the course. However, we are happy to provide custom payment plans subject to satisfactorily meeting our terms and conditions.
Our courses give you the option to go straight into employment with a fantastic grounding and experience in Interior Design and Graphic Design or continue to higher education.
After the training in practice you will begin your placement which involves you working in the studio for one day a week with our designers to practice what you have learnt throughout your lessons.
Once enrolled you will have access to our student resource centre as well as the expertise and guidance of our designers. You will also have access to a dedicated course admin who can answer any non-design related questions you may have.
Whilst we can’t guarantee a job offer you will certainly be as employable as possible. The hands on experience you will gain on the courses is something that you will not get by simply completing a degree. This has been voiced by many of the interns we have helped over the years.
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